11 March 2009

Sitsiritsit ...Salagubang

Sitsirit, alibangbang
Salaginto't salagubang
Ang babae sa lansangan
Kung gumiri'y parang tandang!

Do you still remember that famous line from a folk song Sitsiritsit? I think that's the only Bettle Song I know.

No!No! Not the Beatles. But bettles.

The only bettle I know is the famous uwang (the black bettle). And actually there are lots of them which can be found in the Philippines. And as colorful and as exciting as butterflies. Do you want to see them?

These are some of the most colorful bettles you can find in the Philippines through the genius of Estan Cabigas.

Click to find the new addition to the bettle family.

And more bettles here.

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