23 April 2009

Watch The Earth Movie


Micheal jackson has his famous Earth Song. Now, Disney Nature, BBC, and National Geographic have their Earth Movie that features the beauty of our one and only planet, Earth.

I will surely wait for its release in the Philippines. Here's the trailer.

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22 April 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!


Happy Earth Day to All! Today, let us celebrate Earth Day; and start showing our love to our planet. In Manila, a fluvial parade was held at Pasig River. Different sectors of the society joined the celebration.

At the other parts of Manila, a tree-planting program was held at the CCP Complex by different organizations. How did you celebrate Earth Day?

In connection with the celebration, I want to share with you some important facts about the garbage we produce everyday.

Did you know that it would take long time to decompose some of the garbage we throw everyday?

Here are the approximate rates of decomposition for some of them courtesy of Ocean Conservancy.

Glass bottle : 1 million years
Monofilament fishing line: 600 years
Plastic beverage bottles: 450 years
Disposable diapers: 450 years
Aluminum can: 80-200 years
Boot sole: 50-80 years
Styrofoam cup: 50 years
Tin can: 50 years
Leather: 50 years
Nylon fabric: 30-40 years
Plastic film canister: 20-30 years
Plastic bag: 10-20 years
Cigarette filter: 1-5 years
Wool sock: 1-5 years
Plywood: 1-3 years
Waxed milk carton: 3 months
Apple core: 2 months
Newspaper: 6 weeks
Orange or banana peel : 2-5 weeks
Paper towel: 2-4 weeks

Just imagine all people throwing these garbage at one time, I guess we'll be living in a planet full of garbage.

Let us recycle!

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07 April 2009

A Tribute To The King Of The Philippine Forest


A Meaningful Song For The Philippine Eagle - Lord Of The Philippine Forest. (Song In Filipino)
Lyrics after the jump. Philippine Eagle - Haring Ibon by KC Concepcion

Nais kung lumipad tulad ng agila
At lumutanglutang sa hangin
Magkaroon ng pugad sa puso ng kagubatan
Ngunit ito ay panaginip lang at maaring di matupad

'Pagkat ang kagubatan ay unti-unting nawawala
Mga puno nito'y nangingibang bayan
At 'pag walang puno wala na ring mapupugaran
Kapag ang agila'y walang pugad
Wala na siyang dahilang lumipad

Oh haring ibon, hari kung tunay
Nais kung tumulong ng kaharian mo'y muling mabuhay

Kung Nais mong makakita ng agila
Wag kang tumingala at tumitig sa langit
Pagkat ang mga agila nitong ating bayan
Ang ibay nabihag na ang natitiray bihirang magpakita

Tiniklop na nila ang mga pakpak
Hinubad na nila ang kanilang mga plumahe
Silay nagsipagtago sa natitirang gubat
Ang lahi ba nilay tuluyan ng mawawala

Repeat (2x)
Oh haring ibon, hari kung tunay
Nais kung tumulong ng kaharian mo'y muling mabuhay

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02 April 2009

Lord of The Philippine Forest


A photo by Klaus Nigge of National Geographic showing the feeding of a baby Philippine Eagle in the captive-breeding program at the Philippine Eagle Foundation near Davao, Mindanao. Workers cover their hands with eagle-head puppets when feeding eagle chicks to help prevent the birds’ imprinting on humans.
Philippine Eagle locally known as Haribon or Haring Ibon (Bird King) is considered the largest eagle in the world. But these birds are nearing its extinction because of the massive exploitation of our forests. More Photos after the jump.

An adult female feeds a chick in a nest on Mount Kitanglad in central Mindanao.

The fierce look the Lord of The Philippine Forests.

On Flying mode.

All Photos by Klaus Nigge of National Geographic.

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01 April 2009

SM SuperMalls, Going Green With Bags


A week ago, while doing my grocery at SM (The Block) Hypermarket, I saw couple of people carrying these bags.

There was actually a special booth at the Second Floor of the mall with these bags being displayed. So curious, I approached the booth and started my inquiry.

So what's so special with these bags?
The SM Green Bags are actually one of the projects of SM Malls to awaken the awareness of Filipino shoppers on our worsening environmental conditions.

These bags are recyclable, reusable, can be washed, and according to them, can last up to two years of weekly use. So instead of using plastic bags,which are non-biodegradable, why not use these special bags for your grocery.

The Green Bag is a non-woven fabric bag made of 100 percent polypropylene and designed by renowned Filipino artist Manuel Baldemor.

Polypropylene is recyclable, non-toxic, allergy free and non-reactive to human skin.

SM shoppers may avail of any of these bags for only P35 each with every P500 single or accumulated receipt purchase and/or any proof of purchase at any SM Supermalls establishment. One more, for every sale of the SM Green Bag, one peso goes to a charitable institution advocating a better environment for all.

Use of the SM Green bags also has its perks. SM Advantage cardholders are automatically entitled to two points when they present their card if they use the new GreenBag at any SM Supermarket and/or Hypermarket.

Which means more discounts on your future transactions.

Not bad!

These bags are available at the Green Bag booth at the SM Mall until April 30, 2009.

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An Environmental Magazine At My Site!


I found this online magazine; and I thought it's worth sharing. Why don't YOU take time reading.
Know some tips on how to love our environment from our kitchen to our farm.

Im sure you're going to love this one. Just click the image for full screen.


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Famous Actors On Boracay. Let's Hear Them


It's getting hotter each day. If I could only pull the long holidays which will be in two weeks, I would do it; and bring myself to one of the best beaches in the world, Boracay.

But two of our famous actors have some important things to say for us who would plan to go to Boracay. Why don't we hear them.

Let's hear it from Zorro,

or from Angel,

See! Even the stars want to save our planet.

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