26 February 2009

Philippines' Green River


Green Forest means life to wild animals, home to birds, and the source of balance to nature.

But Green River?

Yes! It's Green River! And I am actually referring to the Pasig River, the river that connects Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay.

For most people, they called it the Black River because of the dirty water in it. I called it green bacause of the carpet of water lilies that could be seen in the most parts of the river that's been there years ago.

Through Google Earth at Latitude : 14°35'50.76"N , Longitude : 121° 5'26.92"E you could find the Green Rivers of the Philippines.

And these carpets of water lilies could further kill the river by preventing sunlight to pass through the water which reduces the dissolved oxygen content and often causes the extinction of other organisms.

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25 February 2009

Animals Know How To save The Planet


Animals know how to save the planet.

How about you?

Watch and Learn.

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Green Building - The Future of Farming


While waiting for my friend, I grabbed "months-old" copy of a Discovery Magazine. One that caught my interest is the vertical farming which is considered as the future of farming.

In this setting, vegetables, crops, chickens and pigs are grown in a building. Is it really possible? Find out...

Another Design of the proposed building for vertical farming.

Click to view more design.

What's your reaction?

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24 February 2009

The Jeepney Joyride


When my Japanese friend arrived in Manila for a short vacation, he insisted on riding a jeepney.

Since we are seated near the driver, we took charge in handing the fare from other passengers seated at the back to the driver on our front.Hoola! He's so thrilled doing that.

In case you are new to the Philippines, jeepney is the most common means of transportation here. But there's so much thrill if you ride it this way...

Oh Boy! I still remember my experience riding at the top of the jeepney. I was a teener then. The commuters are too much in numbers because of the town fiesta. My brother and I have no choice but to ride at the top the jeepney from the Province of Quezon going to Laguna.
And Yes! We passed through the Bitukang Manok (Chicken Intestine) Highway. That's one hell of experience. I still can remember how I hold the bar to prevent from falling. And yes! It's airy on top. Hehehe! Why dont you try?
Mmmm. I hope you're lucky enough not to be caught in between traffic. Geeez! Init!
Photos By:

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A Daily Task You Shouldn't Miss


Cleaning, a daily task you shouldn't miss.


I wonder how you do it?

Even tigers do this!

Yeaabah! Do it with all your might!

A good way to let the time pass while waiting for your jeepney. But do it very discreetly.

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The Oblation At Manila Bay


A boy, taking the form of the "Oblation," prepares to take a dive at the Manila Bay.

These children unmindful of the dirty seas take a day off to relax and swim at Manila Bay.

Few more days to go, "Sayonara February! Here comes the summer sun."

As Early as January, people from Manila and other parts of the country already placed their hotel reservations at the favorite summer destination, Boracay and Puerto Galera.

As early as now, I can feel the heat of the approaching summer season. I am excited now to dip my body into the deep blue sea.

But these children can no longer wait. Worn their best form and dip into the deep blue....errr, black sea of Manila Bay.

Oh! There's a precautionary sign! Mmm. I wonder these children (probabably out-of-school-youth) could understand what is stated. Filipino sign please, for the non-english speaking people.

Photos by kamalayan

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23 February 2009

The Dramatic Goodbye at Manila Bay


What comes into your mind if you hear Manila Bay?

Mmm. One would be a refreshing "Holding-hands-while-walking" with your love one at Manila's Baywalk. The restaurants serving really good food.

And who would miss the famous sunset at Manila Bay?

It is definetely a sight you should not miss. The dramatic goodbye of the sun.

Photo taken by JingMag

Photo taken by ogGie

Photo taken by p@ragon

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Water Is Life


Water is life. Men can live for a few days without food; but not without water.

Do you know the current situation of our water resources?

Watch and Learn

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Dare to Enter The Subterranean River


One of the frontrunners of the new7wonders of nature is The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River of Palawan. This nature's great wonder continues to amaze people and made it to the second round at new7wonders of nature. You may still cast your vote and make this great scenery on the top spot. Meanwhile enjoy some of the great shots of the famous river.

These stones would take thousands of years to form.

Will you dare unveil the mytery of the nature?

Photos by Keith Cabillon

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Chocolate Hills Are Like Dozens of M&M's


Have you thought about that?

M&M's filed together would be like Chocolate Hills miniatures.

Chocolate Hills can be found at Bohol, Philippines. Totalling to 1,268, they look like symmetrically conical giant mole hills.

They are covered in green grass that turns brown during the dry season, hence the name.

Nominated as one of the new7wonders of the world, "Chocolate Hills" continues to wow tourists around the world

Dramatic Sunset

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