04 May 2009

Manila Will Be Submerged In Water In The Future!!!

Is it really true?

(Shown in the photo is just a part of Manila known as the Artex Compound. It used to be a dry community; but people here are adopting to their new community dubbed as the "Waterworld". Click for more photos.)

If you're able to watch the SIGNOS by GMA 7, you will probably understand the claims of different scientists including their proofs that really, Manila and other parts of the Philippines are bound to being submerged under water in the future.

The culprit?

The infamous Global Warming which is caused by everyone living in this planet. Is there still a way we can do to prevent this?

SIGNOS Documentary (In Filipino) after the jump.

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T and S on May 7, 2009 at 10:22 PM said...

It is thanks to folks like you that the world is taking notice of the environmental concerns. Keep going !!

Anonymous said...

KMMI advocate to " No to LAND RECLAMATION, NOW!"

Flood here, there and everywhere, lowland submerges in water - poor families suffer, while on the other hand, Businessman, Millionaires and Billionaires laugh.

Beach erosion and energy dissipation, flood and lowlands submerges in water - Climate change and global warming is not the sole responsible on these. Climate change and global warming is not the real issue but reclaiming of land. Currently the world is facing ecological imbalance both in land and water. Every minute land area widens but every second lowland areas were submerges in water. Mall, building, real estate and other manmade structure were situated and erected in a reclaimed land. What happen to our government and other sectors of the government, are they numb? Or they just ignore because of the power of money. Reclaiming of land significantly harm marine life, loss of natural coastlines , it ruins inter-tidal creatures that lives in sandy bay or shorelines and it reduce quality of land that is prone to erosion, tidal waves and easily get rid to earthquakes. One of the best example of a certain community submerges in water is ARTEX COMPOUND MALABON.

To all citizen who are conscious and concerns, please help our poor families and children who suffer from this man made calamities.

Stop land reclamation, NOW! message from Kalinaw Mindanao Movement, Inc.

Anonymous said...

one of the best example of this is the Artix compound at malabon

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