22 April 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!

Happy Earth Day to All! Today, let us celebrate Earth Day; and start showing our love to our planet. In Manila, a fluvial parade was held at Pasig River. Different sectors of the society joined the celebration.

At the other parts of Manila, a tree-planting program was held at the CCP Complex by different organizations. How did you celebrate Earth Day?

In connection with the celebration, I want to share with you some important facts about the garbage we produce everyday.

Did you know that it would take long time to decompose some of the garbage we throw everyday?

Here are the approximate rates of decomposition for some of them courtesy of Ocean Conservancy.

Glass bottle : 1 million years
Monofilament fishing line: 600 years
Plastic beverage bottles: 450 years
Disposable diapers: 450 years
Aluminum can: 80-200 years
Boot sole: 50-80 years
Styrofoam cup: 50 years
Tin can: 50 years
Leather: 50 years
Nylon fabric: 30-40 years
Plastic film canister: 20-30 years
Plastic bag: 10-20 years
Cigarette filter: 1-5 years
Wool sock: 1-5 years
Plywood: 1-3 years
Waxed milk carton: 3 months
Apple core: 2 months
Newspaper: 6 weeks
Orange or banana peel : 2-5 weeks
Paper towel: 2-4 weeks

Just imagine all people throwing these garbage at one time, I guess we'll be living in a planet full of garbage.

Let us recycle!

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Anonymous said...


Happy Earth Day!
If you're not to busy kindly check out also how Greenpeace celebrated Earth Day here in the Philippines

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