24 February 2009

The Jeepney Joyride

When my Japanese friend arrived in Manila for a short vacation, he insisted on riding a jeepney.

Since we are seated near the driver, we took charge in handing the fare from other passengers seated at the back to the driver on our front.Hoola! He's so thrilled doing that.

In case you are new to the Philippines, jeepney is the most common means of transportation here. But there's so much thrill if you ride it this way...

Oh Boy! I still remember my experience riding at the top of the jeepney. I was a teener then. The commuters are too much in numbers because of the town fiesta. My brother and I have no choice but to ride at the top the jeepney from the Province of Quezon going to Laguna.
And Yes! We passed through the Bitukang Manok (Chicken Intestine) Highway. That's one hell of experience. I still can remember how I hold the bar to prevent from falling. And yes! It's airy on top. Hehehe! Why dont you try?
Mmmm. I hope you're lucky enough not to be caught in between traffic. Geeez! Init!
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Melrose Fulgencio Website on April 27, 2009 at 2:01 PM said...

Jeepney is part of the Filipino culture already. In fact, they made it more interesting by installing novelty horns. (annoying to some though) if you want to hear some of their weird sounding horns, go to http://www.onehundredjeepneysounds.com/

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